The Lexus of the Medicare Supplement Line: Plan F Versus Plan G

If you were to purchase a brand new car, what would be more important to you? The brand or the actual quality of the car? Let's say you really admire Lexus as a luxury brand (this is my personal preference). But what about the Toyota? It has the same features, quality, stability; the only difference is the brand. What would you do? Which car would you [...]

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Medicare Part D: Advice for Those Who Forgot to Enroll, Again

Open Enrollment ended December 7th, this past Saturday, and unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you cannot enroll in Part D until next October. I have [...]

Annual Disenrollment and What It Means For You

Even though Open Enrollment just ended, this doesn't mean you are completely out of time. The Annual Disenrollment Period exists for those whom wish to leave their Medicare [...]